Tobias Bretzke







Tobi, born in Rosenheim and now residing in Munich, has a deep passion for skiing that has guided him through numerous international adventures. After leaving a conventional job, he now enjoys sharing this love for skiing with his daughter and has been dedicated to using Down Skis for seven years.

Tobi was born in Rosenheim, lived and studied in Innsbruck for six years, and has been living in Munich for four years as a proud father. His love for skiing has always guided him and brought him to where he is today. Skiing led him to take a gap year in Whistler, Canada, after finishing high school. It drew him to Innsbruck and took him on film trips to Georgia, Switzerland, Bosnia, Serbia, Romania, and North America. Through skiing, he met his wife, and for a few years now, he has been passing on this passion to his daughter, which fulfills him in a completely new way that he had not experienced with skiing before.

Tobi has been skiing on Down Skis for seven years and never wants to ski with another brand again. Down Skis offers him the perfect combination of playfulness, rocker, lightness, and stability that he needs for his purposes. The different Throw Down models from Down Skis are the perfect companions for him in any terrain, whether it’s powder skiing in the Zillertal (Tyrol, Austria), park shredding at Sudelfeld (Bavaria, Germany), Mount Hood in Oregon (USA), or street skiing in Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina).