Jany Novotny


Czech Republic





Jany's lifelong passion for skiing and rock climbing has made him an expert guide and coach. As the head coach of Snowbusters and Rockbusters, he spends his winters conquering Austria's most challenging ski lines and summers scaling rock faces.

Jany was born on February 18, 1978, into a ski family where the love for white mountains and a pair of wooden boards was contagious. He is a skiing and rock-climbing guide/coach from the Czech Republic and a founding member and head coach of both Snowbusters and Rockbusters. He spends the winters skiing in Austria, constantly searching for the most physically demanding on and off-piste lines. In the summer, you’ll find him on the rock face. For years, he has dedicated his life to these two pursuits, and it shows in the high levels of skill he has attained in both.

Apart from his native language, Czech, he also speaks English and Spanish. He has been coaching skiing since 2000, with his first experience as an instructor in Harrachov with JPK. After that, he moved to Spain, where he worked all four seasons in the Sierra Nevada with the British Ski Centre and Rio Sport. Over the last few winters, he has been organizing his trips and courses, cooperating with the Frost ski school in Kaprun and MaisonSport, a large database of independent ski coaches.

Jany says: "I grew up close to some little mountains in the Czech Republic and have been skiing my whole life, more or less since I was a baby. First, I joined a small ski team in my hometown, later moving on to ski all around the Alps. At the age of 18, I tasted Colorado powder for the first time and returned for a whole season to Vail and Beaver Creek. Now I hope to enjoy more skiing experiences with you."

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