We are very similar to you. We eat, sleep, and dream about skiing.

This infatuation with skiing and what it brings to the lives of so many is at the core of our little company. That little core pumps in the heart of the Alps today designing, creating, and testing unique, original, high quality freeride skis.

We started this (ad)venture to not only create and ski unique freeride skis but to explore what can be done as a small and agile company built on a different platform with a different end-game in mind. The current industry model continues to be dominated by large conglomerates distributing and marketing skis through antiquated practices and processes. We thought this could be changed and should change. This drive for change is part of DOWNs dogma and we are committed to evolve the way skis are manufactured, procured, distributed, and supported…and foremost delivering unbelievable value and quality to you.

DOWN SKIS was founded 2009 in the U.S.A. at the first peak of indie ski companies and freeriding becoming cool. That was about the time when Shane
McConkey said: "Just ski down there, and jump off something, for crying out loud." And that's pretty much how we want to keep it almost 15 years later. And as there's too much uphill, hybrid or whatever stuff out there already, we stick with what we know best: Getting down.

For winter 2023 we are back. DOWNs HQ is now in Salzburg, AUSTRIA and with our setup of owners, riders, old-guard founders and new factory, we're rooted as probably the most global little freeski company. 

We're extremely excited to release 3 unique and original skis that have been tested, tweaked and continuously improved for the past 14 years - back are the legendary COUNTDOWN models. We're pleased to introduce a completely new LOWDOWN 87 ski - a product we feel changes the game for how alpine rando skis should ski (down). Following into winter 24 will follow redesigned THROWDOWN and completely new SHOWDOWN skis.

These skis are exclusively distributed directly through www.downskis.com. Alongside the skis you find a fine offering of matching bindings, skins and accessoires. We expect these new products to move fast. So all that being said we are DOWN with you…our skiers, our friends, our partners, and our families… so contact us anytime: info@downskis.com 



Down began as a concept in 2005 as the ski industry was undergoing dramatic changes with “indie” companies pushing the boundaries of customer/community driven design, direct distribution, and construction. First protos were designed and a few skis were pressed in the US until a twist of fate moved “Geo” (American, Down Founder) to Switzerland in 2006. Down went dormant for a few years but the passion for the idea of Down never did.

In 2009 through another twist of fate Geo connected with Simen (Norwegian, Co-Founder and Head Designer) and proceeded to design the first CountDown 1, 2, and 3 protos. From 2009-2011 Simen and Geo tested skis across Europe with a small team of passionate skiers and guides from Norway, Sweden, Italy, Austria, France, and Germany receiving precious feedback on construction, design, and durability. After some tweaking and tuning in 2011 Down released the CountDown series for sale to the public and DOWN FREE Sarl was established in Switzerland.

From 2011 to 2019, DOWN was seeing steady growth, and more importantly gaining a very loyal following of diehard ski enthusiats that just klicked on the concept of original skis, high quality and extremely good product value through DOWNs direct-to-consumer sales model.

Following the initial COUNTDOWN series of backcountry freeride models, the brand expanded its offering into specific backcountry freestyle models (THROWDOWN), metal-laminated, directional chargers (SHOWDOWN)
and backcountry touring models (LOWDOWN).

Then the world was shocked with Covid, and so was DOWN. The brand went dormant for the 2020 and 2021 seasons, until another twist of fate had DOWN founder Geo and ski industry veteran Sigi (former co-owner and president of KÄSTLE skis; founder of ORIGINAL+ custom skis) connect. The plan
to re-ignite the somewhat dormant brand was born. 

The historical change for DOWN: We are now a ski factory, with all processes from design, production, engineering, tooling, sourcing, shipping and quality in our own hands. This is unique, and sets DOWN apart from almost all our peers, who are not manufacturers. Production is re-established and DOWN is back for good.

A high focus is being put on durability and what is ultimately more value. All new DOWN skis are upgraded to:

  1. stronger,  multi-annealed Austrian-made CK60 steel edges
  2. premium CPS P-Tex 3000 and 5000 series bases
  3. full length wood cores and wraparound sidewalls
  4. as always: all skis are carbon-built; for ultimate strenght, pop and longevity
  5. Value, value, value is our mantra.




Down Skis sells directly from the factory to you, cutting out markups from middlemen. This enables us to price extremely competitively while still delivering the highest quality skis.


DOWN creates originally designed high quality skis and sells them directly from the factory to you, cutting out markups from middlemen. This enables us to price extremely competitively while still delivering the highest quality skis. We’re here to help you get the most out of your time in the mountains.


To support our mission, we are guided by our commitments to original design, pure high quality products, passion for skiing, diversity, and positive life. The 4 DOWNs give direction to help maintain these values.


DOWN will never downgrade on materials, construction, or quality. DOWN will only use tested and true elements of ski production. As one of the few true ski manufacturers in the world of freeskiing, we work straight with the source, and own manufacturing. We will always keep the core 3 elements to ensure consistency of quality and skier experience of a DOWN ski. 

• Full Wood Core
• Sandwich Sidewall Construction
• Premium Fiber Lamination (Carbon/Glassfiber)


DOWN will maintain a strong balance sheet to ensure stability for our employees and partners during all economic trends including strong and weak economies. We will not overextend ourselves as a company and be true to our business model.


DOWN will be straightforward and positive with its customers, employees, and partners. We strive to have open and honest relationships and build strong collaboration and communication.


DOWN will maintain a European philosophy concerning work-life balance.


DOWN is a montage of freeride skiers from all over Europe and the US that understand the current ski company model can be changed for the better.

Over the past decade we have seen huge leaps in many areas of the industry and DOWN wants to help continue that evolution through not only our ski designs but our focus on delivering exceptional value to our shops and skiers through high quality production techniques, streamlining supply chains, innovative testing, and our end-to-end customer service. We strive to maintain a small and focused core family of products and customers and are always thinking of ways to do things better for you. Please contact us anytime with your ideas, thoughts, feedback, and opinions at: info@downskis.com