TYROLIA Attack² 13 GW



Tyrolia's robust allmountain platform delivers high performance. GW stands for GripWalk - these bindings will fit alpine (A) and grip-walk (GW) ski boot soles.

The perfect match for all Countdown, Showdown and Throwdown models. The Attack² 13 combines Tyrolias world-cup proven, outstanding 3-piece heel design with the wide-platform, horizontal-spring FR PRO² toe. Coming in a DIN 4-13 package, this design ensures constant release values and has superb elasticity.

Why Tyrolia chose to make a lot of squared² names and marketing for the Attack bindings is beyond our knowledge - but we can ensure that the build quality is outstanding and these bindings are precise workhorses. 

The binding compares a fairly flat ramp angle with a low overall standheight. 

We work with Tyrolia as the brand has a long and outstanding reputation for making hassle-free, time-tried & super-solid bindings.