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First let me state that all DOWN skis sell "flat" (without bindings) and you are the best experts on chosing the right bindings. 

For alpine bindings (aka - bindings with no walk mode), DOWN sources direct from TYROLIA

In terms of bindings, there is almost as much marketing myths in the market as with skis. So let us give you our reasoned decision why we think so strongly about Tyrolia. 

Tyrolia is the worlds largest ski binding manufacturer. Most of Tyrolia made bindings these days are however branded by ski brands - like Head, Fischer, Elan, Kästle, etc. The number of actual "TYROLIA" branded bindings is pretty small these days. 

All Tyrolia bindings are made in Austria - just outside Vienna. 

We've learnt Tyrolia to be a somewhat stubborn company, when it comes to following trends. They are definitely not kool-aid drinkers. And we think this is the best thing to do when you are manufacturing ski bindings (which we consider personal safety equipment).

Little known is the fact that Tyrolia is the worlds most vertical binding manufacturer - meaning they do tooling, construction, manufacturing, painting, etc. inhouse. A lot of the well know competitors out-source certain steps in binding manufacturing, which - learning the hard way - we also believe is not good in personal safety equipment. Look at how many recalls in recent years some of the large binding manufacturers had; or more importantly look at the number of recalls Tyrolia had. A: Zero. Tyrolia has full control of what they do.

Because there comes a time when even the most adept skiers lose control and fall. That’s when the rubber hits the road. That’s also when it ultimately pays off to have put your trust in a TYROLIA binding. Bindings that do exactly what they are supposed to do in the split seconds that really make a difference, letting you get up again, knock off the snow and happily keep on skiing.

The TYROLIA models you find in our shop will be:

  1. reliable & stable
  2. very consistent in terms of release values
  3. extremely consistent in terms of elasticity

I found an excellent foto blog by former pro skier and now photographer Luca Tribondeau on the Tyrolia factory - check it out, it's amazing.

All that being said (as always) contact us anytime with questions and more to come soon on 23/24 🙂 - especially on the "other bindings" we will offer (touring)

Please tell a friend as always…they will thank you!

We like a few other binding options as well, notably Look Pivots and Salomon Strives. They do tick a lot of the right boxes as well. So up to you to make the smartest choice possible!


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