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Our best selling skis comes back for 23/24 with a slightly modified flex. With the new DOWN carbon layup (sorry we did not have some fancy name) the CD104L is not only for touring but can be used as a daily driver. And yes, the "L" is for lighter, with the magic happening inside the ski: a full poplar-Isocore wood core is keeping the all-mountain abilities of its heavier cousin, while giving the the 104L a livelier flex and crisper feel. It's better suited for touring and long days spent logging a lot of vertical.  


The ultimate in versatility and smoothness, our freeride rocker profile combines camber underfoot with a low rise, elliptical tip and a nearly flat tail. The underfoot camber gives instant edge grip in tricky conditions and the smooth transition into the tip and tail rocker lets you engage the full effective edge on demand for smooth carving. The low rise, elliptical tip provides full snow contact, punches through uneven snow with minimal deflection and keeps you on top of even the deepest, fluffiest powder.

NEW FOR 2023-2024

The latest version of the CountDown Carbon 104L features significant upgrades in durability and performance. Here's what we improved for the 23/24 version of the CD104:

  • newly developed light-poplar/Isocore woodcore: this woodcore is made primarily of light poplar, which means that already during the wood milling process, lighter wood sections are selected for this core; poplar weight ranges in between 320-510kgs/m³ - we use only the parts in the 320-400kgs/m³ range; down the center of the ski runs a strip of Isocore, which is essentially the fanciest of all PET foams: recycled PET foamed around curtains of fiberglass, making this a very durable yet superlight material
  • 1,8mm thick bases replace 1,2mm thick bases: 50% more beef underfoot gives extended product life & more tunability
  • 2,2mm strong edges replace 1,9mm strong edges: better impact resistance, longer life
  • SUPERSAP epoxy: our mix of Supersaps 33% biobased resin with our proprietary hardener; giving superior standards in terms of tensile strenght and impact resistance
  • adjusted core profile: we slightly modified the core profile from a somewhat trapezoid-type profile, to a more bell-curve profile. You'll notice a subtle improvement in the fineness of the ski
  • Made in Austria - these skis are all made in Salzburg-Bergheim Austria